Sam the Destroyer (Arwen Build)

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Cav Fan 45

Having listened to an old episode of COTR about the Black Riders box and whether Sam Gamgee gets bonuses each time an enemy engages, I was thinking about a way for Sam to get bigger and beefier.

Enter Scorpagorn. As he drags the enemies over Sam readies, gets bigger, and kills

This is a multiplayer deck that tries to pull all of the enemies over in order of size so that Sam can munch his way through the lot.

Key card Rohan Warhorse.

Threat reduction effects are also critical to ensuring enemies are engaged in the correct order. Elrond's Counsel. Gandalf or a set up for Well Warned (Ceorl or Fearless Scout).

The Warhorses, Dúnedain Marks and Arod are for Aragorn. If a larger boost is needed for killing the girls can help. Throw a Cram on Arwen Undómiel for Tale of Tinúviel or Sam can ask Rosie Cotton for some help.

Many thanks to @Alonewolf87 for helping put this together.


Jun 12, 2018 Valdemart 1

I like what you have here. Not so sure about the Fearless Scout /Ceorl + Well Warned combo though - those are a lot of cards for 5-6 threat reduction. Instead of those six cards give a try to Dúnedain Hunter and Secret Vigil to start buffing Sam prior the staging and reduce all players' threat. Or you can run Dwarven Tomb to get back those Counsels.

Also I would swap Arod and one of the Dúnedain Marks for triple Dagger of Westernesse seeing how you aim to stay below engagement cost.

I am definitely trying this deck out!

Jun 12, 2018 Cav Fan 45

@Valdemart Thank you for your reply and suggestions. You have given me quite a bit to think about.

I am a little bit leery of how this deck defends with Sam as the only real option short of Feint or Westfold Horse-breeder as a chump. Dúnedain Hunter will let me select the enemy I engage but I might not be able to defend well enough to handle what comes up.

Would the plan be along the lines of:-

Play Hunter : Play Vigil : Defend with Sam : Aragorn and Hunter Kill 1st Enemy : Aragorn drags over next enemy : Aragorn and Sam kill the next, etc?

Jun 12, 2018 Valdemart 1

@Cav Fan I thought your defense plan is Sam + Hobbit Cloak + Rosie Cotton which reminds me - adding a third copy of Rosie or one or two Raise the Shire would do the trick.

As for the plan (with or without Dunedain Hunter) - quest with Sam and Arwen, engage an enemy with higher threat, ready Sam, defend with him (Rosie or Cloak as a guarantee would be nice), kill the enemy with Aragorn + Outrider/Bill, start the engagement cycle.

I am not sure what was your original concept - in order to start the Scorpagorn mill at least one enemy engaged with you should be defended. The best option is a Sentinel character across the table (spirit Beregond is perfect) to do that for you, but in case this is not possible you have Feint, Sneak Attack or Sam. You should be fine.

Jun 12, 2018 Cav Fan 45

@Valdemart Yes that was the defence plan. Raise the Shire was a card I had not thought of, thank you.

The plan was exactly as you surmised, one of the guys I am playing with has Spirit Beregond, so my next task is to encourage him to help.

Thanks for the help