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Jekzer 10

A first thematic approach at a Dale deck, with the use of powerhouses like Jubayr and Firyal (which also fits the theme of the plot in the Haradrim cycle - Wilds of Rhovanion deluxe expansion).

I think Dale is shaping to be one of the notable "tribal" decks on this game. Not tier 1 yet, but they have a lot of tricks and more than that: this is a fun deck. There a several decisions to make (where to put those attachments on a given moment, when to move them with Long Lake Trader or Spare Hood and Cloak to trigger Brand son of Bain Response, since it doesn't require to be played from hand, etc).

Aside from that they have good resource generation without the need of Steward of Gondor, good card advantage thanks to the combo Brand son of Bain + Long Lake Trader or with Spare Hood and Cloak, they quest consistently, have good defenders and attackers

Still, they need a bit more oomph. Good action advantage with all the equipped allies, but no treachery or shadow cancelation (that's why Firyal and Jubayr are here, aside from thematic reasons). No threat reduction (again, we can use Gandalf with or without Sneak Attack, to dump threat by a lot in a single turn, kill a nasty enemy + reduce threat, etc). A bit more combat presence should be given, but we know of interesting and new allies that will come in the near-ish future, like Wíglaf or Guardian of Esgaroth, which will change this deck, of course.

I've considered to take out Open the Armory and give more control, with A Test of Will, The Galadhrim's Greeting or other staples. Time and testing will tell, but for the moment I'll put them on sideboard, I consider that having the proper item on the most needed moment is critical to how this deck works. If the change is needed, they could be changed by either Open the Armory or Captain's Wisdom copies.

Necklace of Girion is another card that seems better on paper than on table, needs more testing, too.

Mulligan for King of Dale is very important, there aren't as much and allies to take into consideration but lowering the cost is essential on first turns. Optimal gear for Bard son of Brand should be to be the King + Necklace of Girion or Bow of Yew. This two attachments could also work with Bard son of Brand, since he has one less Attack Power to be used on combat, so he can do more questing early game. That will depend on quest played.

The first turns Kahliel and Bard son of Brand can do either quest or combat, Brand son of Bain combat. The moment you have the outriders and lookouts on table, the deck starts to be more flexible.

There is a lot of room for improvement, of course, all that and more can be discussed on comments!


Jun 14, 2018 WingfootRanger 2305

Moving an attachment does not count as playing it in any way. So you don't draw cards with Brand son of Bain's response by moving attachments with Long Lake Trader. With that said, I like the direction of this deck. There are several expensive allies in there, do you ever find that the deck is slow at times because of that?

Jun 15, 2018 Jekzer 10

@WingfootRangerI thought that "play" and "play from your hand" were two different things. Even though it can be used to quickly move one most-needed attachment to a fresh played ally and at the very least they can quest by 1 or 2 (depending on attachments) and be used as sparring.

In the same vein, Spare Hood and Cloak is still really useful to give Jubayr or other allies a second maneuver in combat.

In some of the games I struggled with resource generation, but those were games that doing mulligan and first turns were so bad that even if I tried to keep playing, the results were rough at best. If things go well, I usually not tend to have resource-starvation. King of Dale is key for that, and even playing Traffic from Dale or Captain's Wisdom on turn 1 or 2 to squeeze 2-3 resources can be very important for board presence.

Then if I have that presence I start to dump the expensive ones. Usually one traffic on mid-game can give enough to play a Jubayr. Firyal is harder to get on board.

Right now, playing normal quests, the deck works fine. With specific NM quests we'll see. I'm considering to put Gaining Strength and The Day's Rising. Of course Steward of Gondor can solve that but I'd prefer to use other accelerators, just for the theme.

Jun 15, 2018 WingfootRanger 2305

@Jekzer "Play" and "play from your hand" are two separate things. But the issue is this: "when to move them with Long Lake Trader or Spare Hood and Cloak to trigger Brand son of Bain Response, since it doesn't require to be played from hand, etc)."

This leads me to think that you are mistaking the movement of an attachment already in play from one character to another with playing the attachment. The attachment moves onto a new character, but is not entering play because it is already in play.

Jun 15, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 1385

I like the idea of beefing up Harad characters with the Dale attachments. NIce deck!