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Pirate Brahm 864

Current version. Tweaked attachment count. I'm enjoying this paired in two-handed play with a new Dale deck.

A ranger/trap deck with some readying heroes and Ent allies. Trap, draw, engage, whack. Rinse. Repeat. Leadership Faramir brings the readying and resources that makes this engine work. Damrod covers draw, Aragorn resets the threat.

Favorite trick: Use Anborn to recover an Ambush, ready him using Faramir on engagement. Insta-kill in combat with Steed of the North readied heroes, use Anborn to recover the Ambush. When board state is built (since you're 'netting' card draw and resources each turn) and hand is full of traps like Entangling Nets, play in combo with Ambush for easier kills. Ranger Spear is great, too.

Sometimes I'll sub In Ghân-buri-Ghân when I really need to avoid travel, though I'd recommend Thror's Map or Thrór's Key in a companion deck.

Also, it's very thematically satisfying when you manage to net The Watcher in the Water (THAT'S FOR ÓIN, YOU MONSTER!!!).


Aug 01, 2018 The Broken Meeple 44

Resource smoothing is going to be the biggest issue. You've got barely any LD cards in the deck so resources are just going to pile up on Faramir. I know Steward of Gondor is awesome, but can you make do with another Lore hero? Alternatively if you must use LD Faramir, then I highly recommend cutting 4 cards (you're at 52 already) and then adding 2 copies of Song of Travel (i think that's correct) to add a Lore Resource icon to Faramir.

Aug 01, 2018 Pirate Brahm 864

Thanks for your input, though I do feel like I should address some of your suggestions. To substitute Faramir with another hero would defeat the engine of this deck. You trap enemies, ready your mounted heroes along with an ally as they engage, then whack them. Yes, a lot of resources do tend to pile up on Faramir late in the game. Resources aren't really an issue, though, as you have Damrod, Treebeard, SoG, Magic Ring, and Elf-Stone to keep things cheap. As for the size, you'll be drawing enough cards to get everything you need. I tend to overlook the conventional "limit" when 6 out of 6 of my event cards give me draw, and that doesn't even account for Damrod's ability or the pipes. I mean, it's a trap deck, so it's not for every quest, but I use it regularly as a fellowship companion for my Noldor, Gandalf, and Dale decks. Try it out - it's a lot of fun to play, especially once you start Ambushing the snot out of everything that dares to engage you.