Doomed Ents

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Denison 404


Faramir emboldens the ents with his special ability while Gríma helps pay the cost of raising the wooden army. This solo deck utilizes the doomed mechanic for resource acceleration and card draw.


The opening hand is looking for one of the resource attachments or Treebeard to play in round one. A mulligan will typically turn up one of those nine cards. With 2-3 extra resources each round the goal is to consistently play at least 2 ents each turn.

24 cards in the deck have the Ent keyword, so once Entmoot is found the cards come quickly. The deck can easily stall without it, so Steward of Orthanc, Daeron's Runes, and Gandalf assist with card draw.

Entmoot also helps thin the deck out which helps get to those fun 1x cards like Path of Need. Using Path of Need with Eowyn’s special attack is a fun way to wipe the board clean of enemies in the mid-to-late game.


Beneath the Sands - Triggered the Path of Need/Eowyn combo to kill three enemies and help seal the win.

The Black Serpent - Enough questing here to keep boss at bay. Needed Eowyn special and Black Arrow to keep board state clean while the army was raised. Almost lost due to threat.