A Journey to Rhosgobel


In this quest once again we need to manage the speed at which we advance from one quest stage to another. There is some flexibility in hero selection.

In my opinion are necessary.

I like the Legolas & Thalin combination. There are several enemy encounters that have 3HP and 1Defense. Thalin's point of questing damage allows Legolas to one shot them.

A solid argument could be made for Denethor instead of Prince Imrahil especially if you have multiple core sets and can then include Lore of Imladris in both decks. Also, Denethor can help you dig through the encounter deck.

There aren't any must have leadership cards, Prince Imrahil's readying effect is cheaper then Aragorn's but can be a little clunky. I don't use him often and include him here mostly because this is the scenario that we get him.

With the healing quest goal, and an encounter deck loaded with treacheries we will mulligan for:

There are 4 Athelas cards in the encounter deck and 3 Forest Grove cards to help you dig into the discard pile should an Athelas come out as a shadow card.

As always the first Unexpected Courage should go on Beravor. The second likely would be Eleanor. Cancel direct damage treacheries early and often.

The quest can be frustrating if you don't draw the healing cards you need. Use all the tricks to slow play the quest phases until you find 3 or 4 healing cards (don't forget 2 lore resources per Lore of Imladris)

All of which can be done after revealing cards from the encounter deck before quest resolution.


Jul 07, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 789

Just so you know, an Unexpected Courage on Eleanor won't let her cancel more than one treachery in one round (it's an action, which can activate only after when revealed effects).

Jul 07, 2018 JKirklandLOTR 59

That's an excellent point. I sometimes forget exactly when there is an action window for player actions.