Eomer Goes Troll Trampling

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Elfhelm and the Mounties!
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Mr. Underhill 2016

I built this deck for the COTR Elfhelm and the Mounts fellowship. The goal of this deck is to turn Éomer into a 10 attack murder machine with the following formula:

Éomer + Firefoot + Elfhelm + Gúthwinë + Bofur / Westfold Outrider = Ownage.

Chad was also kind enough to pass me 2x Dúnedain Mark, so I had Eomer attacking for 12 by the end of our game.


The majority of cards in the deck are here to get Eomer up and running reliably.

The deck has a lot of fun combos which you can see in the YouTube video:

  • Use Westfold Outrider to engage enemies in the quest phase or combat phase to trigger Eomer's attack boost.

  • Bofur or a good old Sneak Attack + Gandalf can also boost Eomer.

  • Use Gúthwinë to pull the Westfold Outrider or other cheap chump blockers back from the discard pile. You can also discard an ally to Arwen / Steed in the early game and then grab it back later.

  • Another nice recursion combo is Grimbold to cancel an attack, and then Gúthwinë to get him back.

  • The final (and best!) combo is to engage two enemies with Halbarad, then Quick Strike with Eomer + Firefoot. You can kill a weaker enemy and trample the second one with Firefoot. We killed a Hill Troll in one hit with this :D

Thanks for reading and watching our game!


Oct 04, 2018 Aurion 302

Have you thought about using Armored Destrier on Halbarad? That way you can have him defend against the two enemies he let's you engage. You could still include a copy of Steed of the North to ready him when you aren't already engaged with an enemy.

Oct 04, 2018 Mr. Underhill 2016

Yes that would be a great inclusion. I just left it out because I knew Chad was running them in his deck and I didn't want too much overlap.