Bear Necessities

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Elfhelm and the Mounties!
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TheChad 3686

This deck is part of a 3 player fellowship, a video of the decks in action can be seen here:

This deck features Elfhelm. His ability to boost heroes with Mounts is the lynch-pin of the fellowship. Get as many mounts out as fast as you can on as many different heroes as you can.

Grimbeorn the Old rides two, the Rohan Warhorse and Armored Destrier. You can defend and attack multiple times with these mounts. Defend with Grimbeorn, ready via the Destrier and discard a shadow card, attack that enemy, defend the shadowless enemy, attack and destroy it so the Warhorse can ready him, attack or defend again. With Song of Kings he is boosted in and .

Mablung is there to collect money and can help in combat after questing thanks to the Steed of the North.

The rest of the deck is very straight forward. Put Dunedain signals on whoever needs them in the fellowship, moving them around if you need to. The Beorning Skin-changer / Beorn combo is there. Card draw comes from a Sneak Attack Gandalf and Valiant Sacrifice and Legolas.