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Journey to the Cross-roads - 2 Players - 2018-12-01
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Saga Deck 14.2: Two Clusters of Many-windowed Eyes 0 0 0 14.0
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RedSpiderr 114

RedSpiderr has a newer deck inspired by this one: Saga Deck 14.2: Two Clusters of Many-windowed Eyes

I used this deck for the thirteenth quest of my Saga Campaign. I am going to try and keep it as thematic as possible, stemming from the 'What If?' of 'What if Gandalf didn't escape from Orthanc in The Fellowship of the Ring?' Please note, I don't own all the cards, so am not able to make the most powerful thematic deck theoretically possible, but constrained by what I have, here is my best attempt.

Having evaded the Nazgul in the Dead Marshes, the Ringbearer and his companions make their way south to the pass by Cirith Ungol, hoping to gain entrance to Mordor by that way. Led by Gollum, they soon find themselves on the road leading to Ithilien, where they find themselves not the only travelers on that path. Despite drawing off the Nazgul for them earlier, Denethor's servants remain devoted to their mission and continue to track Isildur's Bane on its way south. And a great host of Harad are marching on that same highway, though their way lies north to the Black Gate of Mordor. But the sons of Gondor will not allow such trespasses to go unpunished, and an ambush has been set by none other than Boromir, Denethor's heir and Faramir's brother. An ambush set for the Southron intruders; but an ambush that Frodo is about to walk into.

This deck's task is to disrupt the enemy as they make their way over to Deck One. Primarily this will be done with traps, Poisoned Stakes dealing extra damage, Entangling Nets being invaluable for combat and Forest Snare to just shut down enemies altogether. The latter should be used in conjunction with Emyn Arnen Ranger and Interrogation to make the most out of the quest phase. Scrying using Denethor and the aforementioned Interrogation will allow the player to perfectly time an Ithilien Lookout or correctly name a card type for Wingfoot.

Enemies should be dying fairly regularly, so having Anborn to cycle the traps is essential, while card draw from Damrod and Mithrandir's Advice will make sure you have a steady supply of them. Beregond's task is to keep the threat of Deck One down as low as possible as they depend upon being below the engagement cost of enemies (see Hobbit Cloak and Dagger of Westernesse). Once Beregond is given a Gondorian Shield and Unexpected Courage, Deck One's threat should not only stabilize but start to drop as well. There are very few cards in the deck, so we've got Song of Wisdom to ensure Beregond's resources don't go to waste.

This deck represents the Rangers of Ithilien that harass the Dark Lord's servants trespassing there. Anborn with his Ithilien Lookouts set down Entangling Nets and Poisoned Stakes for unsuspecting enemies to fall into, while Ithilien Trackers pick off stragglers with Ranger Bows and Ranger Spears. Often on a Forest Patrol they would come across an enemy alone, caught in a Forest Snare set for them, and carry out an Interrogation to find out the Southron's movements. Will the Men of Harad escape the snares of Ithilien, or shall the RIngbearer get caught in the cross-fire and lose his life among the hill country there?

The play-through using this deck can be found here: