Spirit of the Wolf Deck 2 : Claws and Fangs of the Pack

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Spirit of the Wolf
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Allison of Brand 64


This is a 4-decks serie that follows 3 rules :

  • Rule n°1 : only and cards are used to make the 4 decks.
  • Rule n°2 : no more than 3 copies of a card for THE ENTIRE 4-DECKS SERIE. So no 4 x 3 A Test of Will, even if it's sexy on paper.
  • Rule n°3 : I'm a casual player and i don't play with errata, i don't care, i play for fun !

A great thanks to The Purple Wizard for his Green Anaconda decks that inspired me !

This is the deck 2 which focuses on attack. You are the second contact after enemies come to the pack. You are the force of retaliation, you avenge those who have fallen and destroy those who were foolish enough to provoke you.

You get it : your main goal is to engage as much enemies as you can, to kill 'em all ! You start with a cumulated 9 and have plenty of cards to boost your heroes. Legolas + 2 Mirkwood Long-knife + Fair and Perilous can get you to an impressive, mirific, monstrous... 8 . Yeah, it doesn't seem pretty much and decks perform better, but for a dedicated deck it means a lot ! You also have strong allies to support your heroes, especially Treebeard that can attack multiple times. Háma can attack twice too but keep in mind that he dies at the end of the phase. Elf-friend is for Legolas, thus he can benefit from Tale of Tinúviel too. He is your sole Hero that can perform ranged attack and his silvan trait made him the best candidate for this deck. But you can include Lanwyn and replace whoever you want (and replace Tale of Tinúviel, Warden of Arnor and Heirs of Earendil by whatever you like) if you think that you lack of ranged attack. A little trick with Tale of Tinúviel : Idraen is a better and versatile heroin that she seems. She can be ready whenever you explore a location so you can use Tale of Tinúviel by exhausting her to ready and boost Glorfindel (or Legolas with Elf-friend), then use The Riddermark's Finest (or Backtrack from Deck 4) to explore a location (if you have enough progress token, of course) and ready her to attack with both her and Glorfindel for 8+ .

Your ressource engines are Necklace of Girion and Magic Ring and your draw engine is your sole and only Elven-light, that can only be discarded by the effect of Éowyn from Deck 4. It's better than nothing.


Apr 01, 2019 doomguard 119

elven-light can be discarded by legolas too. that make him even better in that deck. but then u have to choose who get the light of valinor. i would take legolas, he can ready glorfindel. the +1 thread by him do questing does not matter imo. in this way, you can use the elvenlight 2 times a round if u need cards.