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Noble Men and Fair Elves
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ShortcutsMakeDelays 115

ShortcutsMakeDelays has a newer deck inspired by this one: Silvan Victory Games

A Silvan deck that doesn't use the silvan mechanic? That's because this is really a Rossiel deck using the Rossiel mechanic. Note: This deck is designed to be used multiplayer. I can't see it working solo.

Event cards here are about getting as many different cards into the victory display as possible. You'll want to try and target those horrible enemies and locations with None Return and Leave No Trace so that you can then shut down future appearances of the cards with The Door is Closed!

To get those event cards quickly, the deck has Heed the Dream, Gather Information, and Galadhrim Minstrel. By the time you'll be ready to be playing Keen as Lances you should have a pretty good victory display, so perhaps the threat reduction or resources will be a better option there.

Argalad and Haldir of Lórien might not be the focus of the deck, but they hold their own. You'll want to try and keep enemies away from you while you set up Rossiel, and both of them are ranged. Argalad enables you to drop damage without engaging, and you can use Henamarth Riversong to decide whether to quest him or exhaust for his ability. With Haldir you can hit enemies anywhere on the table.

Once you've got your board state in play, then you can start engaging things, blocking with Rossiel, and then unleashing the ents and Thalion. Thalion will benefit from the two side quests, and is also a good target for the Ranger Bow. Have another player bring that third side quest to turn him into a hero and help pay for Gildor Inglorion.

To help keep the rest of the players happy with you, the deck brings lots of healing, and Gléowine gives card draw.