Daily Challenge - InstaGram Secrecy

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Shellin 41

Daily Challenge #4 - Play Escape from Mount Gram using a secrecy deck.

I had never played Escape from Mount Gram before, but had heard that it was on the easier end of things. Because of that, I tried to not only include as many secrecy cards as I possibly could, but also to try out Rossiel and some Victory Display stuff, and use Strider. By only including two heroes this deck can take full advantage of Strider's bonus and guarantee that the hero placed on top of the capture deck is Rossiel, meaning we don't have to worry about the 50/50 shot that the first hero rescued doesn't help us as much.

Glorfindel is the starting hero, hopefully in a starting hand that includes either Strider or Light of Valinor. The other will be played onto Rossiel once she is found, allowing the two heroes to quest for a combined 9 without exhausting once there is a location in the victory display. With Arwen Undómiel and a few Celduin Traveler that should be more than enough Willpower to power through Stage 3.

Ideally, this deck wants to hang back at Stage 2 for as long as possible, allowing it to build up a board state and get some enemies and locations into the victory display before the Angmar Orcs encounter set gets shuffled in and it is forced to raise it's threat during to travel to the Southern Gate. In order to buy that time, there are three side quests in the deck, as well as Henamarth Riversong, Risk Some Light and Ithilien Lookout/Celduin Traveler. All of these combined should give plenty of control over the encounter deck. Firyal can help discard a few of the nastier treacheries or enemies as they arise.

Once there is at least one orc in the victory display, thanks to None Return or Out of the Wild, it should be smooth sailing is Stage 3. Gandalf can help pick off the Jailer and the copies of Ranger Spikes can trap some of the nastier orcs in Staging if they show up after Firyal cancels something else.

I think this was probably the easiest of the daily challenges so far, thanks in part to Mount Gram not being super difficult, but also due to secrecy being incredibly effective in this quest with the low starting threat of one hero. This was a really fun design for a quest though, and something that I hope I have a chance to play in multiplayer in the future to try that out.