Birds and Beasts

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Zephyrofzion7 5

Zephyrofzion7 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Birds and Beasts!

This deck aims to beef up Beorn by mitigating damage as he defends through Vigilant Guard, Beorn's Rage, Honour Guard, Dori and a few other cards. Mablung will hopefully provdie adequate resource acceleration and Daeron's Runes for card draw. Remains to be seen if that plus Gandalf and Gwaihir's Debt will be adequate draw.

Possible tweaks include switching Mablung for a leadership hero to add Steward and the Sneak Attack + Gwaihir's Debt + Gandalf combo. Please leave feedback as this is untested.


Jun 12, 2019 The Purple Wizard 719

I've been working on a deck with the same hero lineup and have been trying to figure out card draw too. With all the allies, Expert Treasure-hunter seemed a good option. It definitely helped but something is still missing, which I haven't figured out yet.

I do like your idea of a leadership hero and Amarthiúl would certainly provide some options. Definitely not a solo deck at that point though.

Jun 13, 2019 ellipticaltable 52

For card draw, I would probably use Legolas. You could also try Peace, and Thought, especially in a 2-player game where the other deck can support the quest for a round while Mablung and Radagast are exhausted.

You could also mitigate Peace, and Thought by using Magic Ring . Word of Command makes it feasible to find the ring, especially since you'll have a few turns where Radagast is ready at the end of combat.

Jun 13, 2019 Zephyrofzion7 5

@The Purple Wizard``@ellipticaltable Thanks for the helpful feedback! I think the Amarthiúl suggestion makes a lot of sense! Good pairing with Beorn and provides access to the Gwaihir's Debt + Gandalf + Sneak Attack which on face value appears to be really powerful. I guess the tricky thing would be finding Gandalf consistently, Maybe event recursion would be helpful? Not sure if it would take too much to get the combo working consistently.

Jun 13, 2019 The Purple Wizard 719

I pretty much just smacked my forehead when I figured this out...Word of Command can find Gandalf consistently, and Wizard Pipe can put him on top of the deck for Gwaihir's Debt. I think I just solved my own deck's card draw problems! :D

@ellipticaltablehas an alternate route to card draw that should work quite qell too. Legolas is ridiculous, but in a deck with as much attacking power as the eagles + Beorn already have Legolas' attacking power (and cost) might not be necessary. Gléowine could be just as effective.

Jun 14, 2019 kypatzer 38

Landroval seems like a perfect fit in this deck. Let Beorn die then bring him back with Landroval almost fully healed.