Galadriel's Hidden Nightmare

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Shadows of a Nightmare
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The Purple Wizard 503

This deck is intended to be partnered with TheChap's "Nightmare Noldor" deck against the nightmare version of "Shadow of the Past." You could pair it with another deck if you like, but it is definitely intended to beat that quest.

The main idea here is to use this deck to ensure the entire fellowship can pass their hide tests, a unique mechanic to Shadow of the Past. Once Galadriel has Nenya attached she can use that to help another player pass a hide test, and if she has Protector of Lórien on her she can adjust her help to the level needed to pass. Elrond's Counsel can also be used to boost any player during a hide test.

You want to stay at stage one in the quest as long as you can, hence all the sidequests. Making sure there's one in your first hand might be the most important thing to mulligan for. Alternatively, if you have Thror's Map and don't clear the location "Bag End" on the first round you can travel somewhere else and move Bag End back to the staging area, only traveling there when you're ready to move on to stage 2.

All the side quests power up Legacy Blade which turn Haldir of Lórien into a beast. He maxes out at 9 attack with two of them and all the enemies in this quest require 10 (or more) to snipe, hence the lone Dúnedain Mark. This deck can't buy it but a partner deck with Reforged can.

This deck REALLY doesn't want to engage any enemies so do your best to keep them away. Keep Gléowine or Henamarth Riversong ready until the end of the combat phase before using their action just in case you need them as an emergency blocker. Elfhelm can help in an emergency too.

Mirkwood Explorer is there to quest and help clear the staging area of locations on stage 3B.

Fast Hitch is for Frodo, since he's always with the first player where the biggest portion of hide tests are.

Windfola goes on Galadriel, once again to help everyone with hide tests. She should get the first Unexpected Courage too.