Ties of Blood and Friendship

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Wilderland United
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Onidsen 868

This is a mono- Silvan deck built around Thranduil, using his ability to play off-sphere allies during the combat phase to trigger Lord of Morthond for card draw. It is built for the Wilderland United fellowship, a 3-player fellowship for the Experimental Deckbuilding series on my blog, The White Tower.

Prince Imrahil is a multipurpose hero, and in the early game he provides a valuable source of attack as well as some extra willpower. With the wide variety of effects which return Silvan allies to hand across the fellowship, Imrahil should be readying nearly every round to eliminate enemies.

Between The Storm Comes (in the Woodmen deck) and Thranduil's ability, we should end up being able to trigger Lord of Morthond multiple times in a round, keeping our hand full of cards.

The allies and events are pretty straightforward, but the attachments deserve a little explanation. King Under the Mountain should be the card this deck takes when Gather Information is cleared, and will help filter through the deck much more quickly. Any allies discarded to its effect can be recycled with Orophin.

Steward of Gondor will help us afford multiple allies per round, and The Elvenking will give us a repeatable means of returning an ally to hand, which will help both in repeating the enters-play effects of the Silvan allies as well as making sure we can have off-sphere allies for Lord of Morthond. It also gives Thranduil a second defense every round, which can be exceptionally valuable.

DĂșnedain Warning goes on Thranduil, or across the table onto Grimbeorn the Old, whichever needs the defense boost the most. Orcrist should also go onto Grimbeorn the Old, to fund uses of his ability. Hauberk of Mail is another Grimbeorn card, although extra copies can be played on the Defenders of the Naith.

Finally, Ranger Provisions is a useful way to funnel resources to either of the other decks, but it also triggers the ability on Haldan, giving the Woodmen deck extra card draw.

Mulligan for either Lord of Morthond and/or Steward of Gondor. As long as one of these cards shows up early, their early power plus the card draw from King Under the Mountain should help us get set up - assuming we can clear Gather Information early.