Wilderland United

Onidsen 867


This is a fellowship built around the peoples who inhabit Wilderland - focusing mainly on the Woodmen and Beornings of the Anduin river valley as well as the Silvan elves of Lorien and the Woodland Realm. It was built for the Experimental Deckbuilding series at my blog: https://thewhitetower.wordpress.com/

The whole fellowship is broadly built to support Haldan and Celeborn, and offers powerful decks and fun play. Questing and combat are distributed across all three decks, although the Celeborn/Galadriel/Argalad deck has a rough time defending attacks early on. There is enough ranged attack power in the decks that enemies anywhere on the board should not expect to be long for this world, however.

Location control is managed by Woodland Couriers and Mirkwood Explorer's, along with simply massive amounts of willpower, while cancellation is provided by Galadriel's deck and Balin.

The fellowship is vulnerable to global direct damage treacheries or effects - since most of the allies are 1- Silvans. But it is surprisingly resilient against Archery or other targeted direct damage, leveraging a suite of Silvan heroes and allies (plus Elf-friend) and the incredibly broad healing power of the Silvan Tracker. See the individual deck lists for a detailed description of how each deck is meant to function.


Jun 25, 2019 Denison 444

The two Silvan decks look like they would work well as a two-handed fellowship. If you cut out the Beorning deck, would you change the other decks at all?

Jun 25, 2019 Onidsen 867

Let's see. I'd probably drop the location attachments - Galadriel on her own can provide a great deal of card draw, and Minstrels and so on help boost that rather effectively. So, from Galadriel's deck - drop 3x South Away!, 3x Ancient Mathom, and 2x Woodmen's Clearing. Now, to move cards over. Nenya is essential, but could go in either deck. The Storm Comes is also really important, but without Thurindir, it will be hard to find it. I'd move it over to the Galadriel deck, along with 3 copies of Dúnedain Message to search it out. It's not like Celeborn has a whole lot to do with those resources for a while, anyways. I also want to add 2 more copies of O Lórien! (can't search it out anymore). I'd also add 2 copies of Cloak of Lórien, just to have extra defense boosts that can go on allies, since - without Grimbeorn - I'll be relying more on the Defender of the Naith. That's still 53 cards, but I'm also going to cut Light of Valinor - it's essentially only 2 from Argalad, and it's more for fun than anything else. And since we're not searching out a card with Gather Information, cutting to 52 improves efficiency.

For the mono- deck, I'd drop Ranger Provisions and Orcrist. Nenya will move to this deck, and I'd probably use the 2 remaining card slots I have open to me to add 2 more copies of King Under the Mountain. I might also look at replacing the Hauberk of Mail with Ancestral Armor - far more expensive, but I can't put the Hauberk of Mail on any hero at the start of the game, and the only ally worth putting it on is the Defender of the Naith. There might be a better change there, but it's not coming to mind immediately.

Anyways - long story short.

Galadriel deck: -3 South Away! -3 Ancient Mathom -2 Woodmen's Clearing -1 Light of Valinor

+2 Cloak of Lórien +2 O Lórien! +3 Dúnedain Message +1 The Storm Comes

Leadership deck: -2 Orcrist -3 Ranger Provisions

+2 King Under the Mountain +3 Nenya

Maybe -3 Hauberk of Mail and +3 Ancestral Armor

Jun 25, 2019 Denison 444

Nice. Building these decks is offiically on my to do list. Thank you for the thoughtful response!