Haldir tames the Old Forest

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The Old Forest Nightmare Campaign
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The Purple Wizard 509

Built specifically with The Old Forest quest in mind.

Haldir of Lórien needs to get to 8 attack to snipe most of the enemies in The Old Forest, so to start with we're loading this deck with weapons. He'll need two of either Bow of the Galadhrim or Dagger of Westernesse, plus one Rivendell Bow to get there. The rest serve as back-ups for when the "Army of Flies" enemy steals one away.

The cost curve of this deck is heavily weighted in favor of tactics cards so finding a Song of Battle early will make your going much easier. I'd mulligan for either that or Gléowine. You'll need the tactics resources to buy all the weapons and maybe even more importantly a Defender of Rammas, which can defend against an attack from the staging area by a "Long Trailer." For the late game boss battle, throw a Raiment of War on a Defender of Rammas and you should be covered.

Other cards:

~Envoy of Pelargir can help smooth resources and will quest until it gets hit by "Falling Branches."

~Sam Gamgee provides sturdy willpower and is cheap on the rounds you control Frodo.

~Lots of direct damage in this quest so the Warden of Healing will be kept busy.


Jun 29, 2019 Goggen 93

I tought Rivendell Bow didn't work with Haldir's ability, as it doesn't actually state that it is a "ranged attack".

One option is to add Dúnedain Mark and play them with Reforged, and that will also act as a smoother for resources.

You can get the mark into the discard with Daeron's Runes or add Protector of Lórien (scoring a thematic win off Galadriel in the process).

I'd also consider Open the Armory.

Jun 30, 2019 The Purple Wizard 509

@GoggenNuts! This is the first I've heard of that about Rivendell Bow and Haldir of Lórien but it turns out you're right. I've been playing that one wrong for years. Thankfully, in this instance, my partner deck (TheChad's Discard And That Card) already runs Reforged so it would actually be a simple switch to Dúnedain Mark.

Thanks for the heads up!