Ringmaker: Doom and Boom

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Ringmaker 2P Fellowship
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RidderMarc 48

Half of my Ringmaker fellowship, trying to make the most out of Grima's ability while staying thematic with the Ents and Rohan traits.

Grima's ability can accelerate set up quite a bit; later on, use Gandalf and help from the partner deck to keep threat from creeping out of control. He usually quests, and Ent Draught will allow him to take the hit from an undefended attack in a pinch.

This deck works especially well if Eowyn can get Golden Shield with a readying effect, so she can quest + defend. I'd usually rather save Unexpected Courage for Galadriel (both in the other deck), but it can be nice here. (Also Protector of Lórien works nicely on her, though that can come from the other deck.)

Éomer is usually swinging heavy even without Firefoot, since the other deck often has allies leaving play. With Firefoot he can one-shot some of the tougher enemies in the cycle. (Add Quick Strike if two copies of Feint doesn't seem like enough. These can be played for free if Grima hasn't Doomed anything yet.)

Westfold Outrider can be fun to pull an enemy from staging or (if timed correctly) another player, so it can't attack. Not always worth it, but occasionally that move saves the day.

Only one copy of Waters of Nimrodel is in the deck because The Seeing-stone can find it if/when needed.

Drop Foe-hammer for any quests that have negative effects based on number of cards in hand.

Fords of Isengard (can't be played with Grima):

Swap in Haldir of Lórien add some ranged weapons; drop most of the doomed cards. Example: add Bow of the Galadhrim, maybe a Black Arrow.

Remove Waters of Nimrodel, Isengard Messenger, Keys of Orthanc, The Seeing-stone.

It played very well with these tweaks, as long as the hand size stayed low.

To Catch an Orc

This quest needs lots of travel support, so add Arod and Blade of Gondolin, taking out a couple of the Daggers.

Into Fangorn

Remove Feint and Quick Strike since they are useless in this quest. Add extra weapons and another Foe-hammer to help with card draw, since Deep Knowledge is risky if your threat is being raised from the Huorns. Be prepared to use Waters of Nimrodel at least once to overcome some of the damage-causing conditions and attachments. Don't be afraid to use Eowyn's +9 early, to one-shot a Deadly Huorn.