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eldub 512


This deck was built with the idea that it would be able to support my Gandalf-Radagast deck ( with reduction and cancellation. It's a variant of the standard, goodstuff decks I bring to a lot of multiplayer events. Círdan the Shipwright with Narya in multiplayer is always insane value, and his 4 is invaluable with a Light of Valinor attached. Arwen Undómiel is the engine, and Galadriel makes every deck better; I personally don't necessarily like using Nenya in a build like this that's dedicated to helping another deck, as her Action is amazing by itself, and tends to be enough of a jumpstart to where the extra isn't really needed by the time the other deck(s) is set up. I also love the Mirror of Galadriel/Silver Harp combo as well as the Long Lake Fisherman to be able to fish out copies of specific events. As tempting as it was to use the Galadhrim Weaver to shuffle back copies of A Test of Will, I think just being able to dig for multiple copies and recur them with Dwarven Tomb is more powerful. Also, using Map of Earnil to re-play threat reduction events and tomb/Reforged is bonkers. Ancient Mathom and Miruvor are there to support other players, mostly, and they can be switched out for other cards. Remember, I had this deck in mind to power up another power deck. Anyway, have fun with it. I love playing this deck, personally.