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Won't Get Fooled Again
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makoshark13 141

The second half of the Won't Get Fooled Again fellowship, which relies on getting Sméagol flipped to Gollum and leaving him that way. This deck extracts the maximum benefit out of a 50 engagement cost enemy engaging it every other turn (sometimes more!). Full description of the combos are in the fellowship description, but here's some piloting tips specific for this deck.

Faramir can both quest and attack once he has a Steed of the North. One copy of Dagger of Westernesse should go on him to boost his attack. There's a lot of options of who he can ready with his ability. He can ready a Derndingle Warrior played this turn, let you quest and attack with multipurpose allies such as Bywater Shirriff and Quickbeam, and he can let allies such as Gléowine, Errand-rider, and Warden of Healing use their abilities more than once in a turn.

Mablung is a powerful resource generator, as he can activate by regular enemies in the Encounter phase and Gollum in the Refresh phase. He can become a powerful defender with Gondorian Shield and Staff of Lebethron.

Pippin with a Fast Hitch can quest and then ready to defend Gollum if he has a Hobbit Cloak. Steward should be played on him, though between A Good Harvest and Errand-rider there's lots of flexibility for your resources.