Éomer the Beast

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Booming_Ent 44

This is my deck based off of the Nenya and Herugrim combo that uses Éomer, Fastred, Galadriel. The strategy is pretty simple: just keep enemies in the staging area for Éomer to destroy with 8, using Nenya and Herugrim.

To find bits of the combo, you have Mirror of Galadriel + Silver Harp. With that combo plus Unexpected Courage on Galadriel and maybe even Gléowine, the card draw in this deck is really solid, because you're probably drawing 3-4 cards each round in the mid-late game. Questing works pretty well in this deck, as once you have Nenya and Herugrim, you can start dishing out questing allies such as Galadriel's Handmaiden and Arwen Undómiel. You should'nt have to engage more than one enemy per round especially with a support deck, but if you have to, Jubayr or Erebor Guard are there to defend it. In the late game, you can engage 1 or 2 additional enemies with Elladan and Elrohir. Also, your threat should stay pretty low as you should be using Fastred's ability at every (other) round.

Overall, this is just a super fun deck to play due to the card draw, low threat, and fun attacking/questing combo.


Sep 07, 2019 Jtothemac 157

I run a similar deck to this currently. I encourage Late Adventurer for this, so you could snipe out an enemy with eomer when its revealed from the encounter deck. Another deck running tactics should also bring Grappling Hook

Sep 07, 2019 Booming_Ent 44

@Jtothemac Grappling Hook is not currently in my card pool, but I'll have to try out Late Adventurer; great suggestion - I didn't think about that card.