Dunedain reborn

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dkayringsdb 60

This is the ultimate dunedain deck that I have tweaked for quite a while now. It can handle somewhere between 2-3 people's worth of combat, starts with no questing, but ends up at 15-20. Here's a brief guide of how to pilot:

Initially you are looking for a way to defend better. ideally round 1 you pull 2 to activate Amarthiúl's bonus asap. Beravor is going to be selfish; a) because this deck works well being able to pivot what it's prioritizing b) because you essentially get 8 resources a round (Heir of Valandil). You can quest her if you really need to, but if you don't use her then the deck will stall. A great early play is Coney into Forest Snare.

Event though A Burning Brand just got nerfed, this deck still has lots of ways to mitigate the shadow cards that will build up against you during combat phase. Ideally you want to live with 3-4 engaged enemies after combat (so as to benefit from Heir). If you have trouble killing, try subbing in some of the red in the sideboard. Don't let someone look at you funny for not killing something even when you could. However, the flip side is you always need to end planning with 2 open defenses.

Threat management comes from Loragorn.

Alternatives: It's been a while, but a viable alternate version is to turn aragorn blue, and have access to Silver Lamp (more important post A Burning Brand nerf) & trackers & Warden of Annúminas. That upgrades your questing output to more like 30 + trackers. However it costs some consistency in first round or 2 of defense.

Let me know what you think! hope you enjoy this marvelous faction.