Thorin's Company - OHaUH (Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim)

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Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim - 1 Player - 2019-09-10
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oxnateri 59

Going for a modestly thematic deck build.

V1.0 is tuned for We Must Away Ere Break of Day.

Basic notion is to use Bifur's ability to take resources from Nori and get dwarf allies out as quickly as possible and start ramping Thorin Oakenshield's resources. Building up the dwarf army will suppress threat via Nori's ability and buy time before it's safe enough to engage Bert. Once Bert is out, the hope is to have some combination of the following to one-shot him with Thorin Oakenshield:

V2.0 is tuned for Over the Misty Mountains Grim This encounter looks to be more of a typical balance of locations, swarming enemies, and a big bad or two. With that in mind, tech choices are as follows:

  • Mirkwood Runner: Lots of goblin/orc enemies have only 2 hp, so the runner is perfectly suited to take them out.
  • Durin's Song: There are two big bads: Stone Giant and The Great Goblin. This deck intends to swarm them, but in case a hero needs as boost, Durin's Song will fill that gap. Did not choose to go the tactics route as in We Must Away... because it's a little less consistent and relies on having a Song of Battle.
  • Parting Gifts: Thorin Oakenshield is going to end up with lots of resources. Some of these can be passed to Bifur using his ability, but Parting Gifts let's Thorin move more of them in a pinch or pass them to Nori.
  • Dúnedain Warning: Beef up Bifur to be the primary defender. 1 Warning will let him defend against all non-boss enemies and additional Warnings protect against attack boosting effects.
  • A Burning Brand: Targets Bifur. If he has this plus one or more Dúnedain Warning, he'll be a stout defender.
  • Forest Snare: Neither the Great Goblin nor the Stone Giants have prohibitions on attachments, so they're obvious targets for the snare.

V3.0 Has some tweaks to better handle the unique challenge of Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim.

  • Secret Paths and Radagast's Cunning help control the staging area and maximize the likelihood that question is successful, which is particularly challenging in the first phase when an extra card is revealed from the encounter deck.
  • Ever Vigilant provides potential action advantage if needed in case we face too many engaged enemies.
  • All 6 cards added above are 1 cost Events. This increases the predictability of riddles. Typically want to guess either 3 cost allies or 1 cost events depending on what has been drawn and discarded.