Lothriel and her BF

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LordTh 67

Cards that are represented by other cards are the following:

  1. Caldara = Lothriel
  2. North Realm Lookout = Knight of Belfalas

The idea of this deck is to play Escort from Edoras every turn with Lothriel's response. Because of Éomer she also has the Rohan trait and can choose an ally from that trait aswell.

~Lothriel's Response: After Lothriel commits to the quest, choose an ally in your hand. If that ally shares a trait with her, put that ally into play exhausted and commited to the quest. At the end of the phase, if that ally is still in play, shuffle it into your deck. ~

Starting hand:

In your starting hand you would like to see the following in order of importance: Escort from Edoras, Gúthwinë and Gondorian Shield. Wealth of Gondor is also great because you are then able to play Gúthwinë on turn 1.

Because Escort from Edoras discards itself before you trigger the shuffle into your own deck effect of Lothriel, it will be in your discard pile. In combat you have Eomer to retrieve Escort from Edoras, from your discard pile with Gúthwinë, to your hand.

The discard effect of Escort from Edoras (or Lothriel's response) will trigger both Prince Imrahil's and Éomer's responses. Éomer will then with Gúthwinë and Firefoot become a 9 hero with "trample". Prince Imrahil will quest for 2 and can then, with Gondorian Shield, defend with 4 .

West Road Traveller are mostly there as an safety if you dont get Escort from Edoras in the beginning. Mustering the Rohirrim is there to find Escort from Edoras, Westfold Horse-breeder is in the deck to find Firefoot. Knight of Belfals is in the deck to bring back a Defender of Rammas that died or Squire of the Citadel, it also has 2 and is released in the same pack as Lothriel. Unexpected Courage can be used on either Prince Imrahil for more defense (or attack), or on Éomer for another amazing attack. One other card that is making its return in this deck is Valiant Sacrifice that can be played almost every turn, as long as you have it in your hand.

The decks strength:

The deck will probably have an amazing good 1st round. You will quest for 9 (3 from Lothriel, 2 from Prince Imrahil and 4 from Escort from Edoras), you will have a good defender and a good attacker for combat.

The decks weaknesses:

The biggest weakness is card draw. The only cards that draw cards are Gandalf (Sneak Attack + Gandalf), Valiant Sacrifice and maybe Mustering the Rohirrim. It also stagnates after a few turns, because you want to use Lothriel's response every turn the only way to increase your willpower after that is to pay for allies, like West Road Traveller and so on. You also need to get the Gondorian Shield for Prince Imrahil to become a good defender, otherwise you have to play a Defender of Rammas to even defend.


I'm really excited for Lothriel, she is a very nice hero to include in alot of decks. She helps alot to make those big first turns to help you later on. She also helps in the quests where you have the "Battle" or "Siege" -keyword. For example you may pick Defender of Rammas to quest for his defense instead in a siege quest. I have also considered to make a "Gondor themed deck" that includes Boromir and Visionary Leadership to improve the stats of all gondor allies.