Generous Steward

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TheGameLocker 120

This multiplayer-only deck is designed to give out resources, signals, and shadow-cancelation like it's Christmas. Most of the deck consists of resource generation & smoothing affects, signals, and card draw to keep the engine going.

Card draw is provided by King Under the Mountain, Gandalf (+Sneak Attack, and Galadriel. Also, the deck is thinned by Campfire Tales and We Are Not Idle.

Resource generation is provided by Steward of Gondor, Gaining Strength, Tighten Our Belts, We Are Not Idle, Rune-master, and Théodred.

Playing the deck:

Play Celebrían's Stone on Théodred since he'll be questing almost every round. Play Steward of Gondor and Gaining Strength on Balin to make sure he always has enough resources to cancel shadows if needed.

Then the fun part: give everything else away! Give resources to other players with Théodred, Envoy of Pelargir, Errand-rider, Rune-master, Parting Gifts, and Tighten Our Belts. Give cards with Campfire Tales, give readying with Cram. Lastly, give out the signals wherever the table needs, while Rune-master makes it easier to pass them around.