Eowyn the Wanderer

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bdavis96 76

The Fellowship contract is a place-holder for the The Grey Wanderer contract. When playing The Grey Wanderer contract, search your deck for Golden Shield. That instantly makes Eowyn a 5 Hero to defend on turn 1, if needed. Mulligan for Herugrim, Unexpected Courage, and/or Steed of the Mark. Once Herugrim, Unexpected Courage and Steed of the Mark are in play, Eowyn will be an awesome 4 (5 with her ability), 5 and 5 Hero that can quest, defend, and attack.

Want to make Eowyn even more awesome? Miruvor, Astonishing Speed, Courage Awakened, and Lay of Nimrodel will all increase her for a phase. Played during the Quest phase, she could possibly quest with 10+ . Played during the Combat phase, she could possibly become a 10+ and 10+ Superwoman. Take that, Eowyn.

If you need a quick way to gain resources to play Herugrim, the contract can be exhausted during the Action window of the Planning phase to gain 2 resources, although that might waste the other selections (especially during the early game). Otherwise, wait to use the contract until the Quest or Combat phase.

I am assuming Heed the Dream, the only other off-sphere card, can be played via the contract during the Action window of the Planning phase, so long as no non-unique Ally or Attachment cards were played during that same Planning phase. But in-sphere unique Ally or Attachment cards can be played without affecting the "first non-unique" status. So I am assuming I can play Herugrim, Éomund, Gamling, or Háma and then Heed the Dream, but I can't play Escort from Edoras, Westfold Horse-Breaker, Westfold Horse-breeder, Miruvor, Resourceful, Steed of the Mark, or Unexpected Courage before playing Heed the Dream.

Other notes: I am posting this deck to hopefully get some suggestions, but I did realize that I am using 16 cards that all revolve around readying, so that may become overkill. I will look at ways to reduce and shore up other possible weaknesses, especially since the contract gives a readying action ability as well.


Nov 28, 2019 Raiderjakk 39

Someone posted on my Rohan deck for Glorfindel that Golden Shield couldn't be fetched because it is a unique off-sphere card.

Nov 29, 2019 bdavis96 76

That was me that posted it, but you and I are using different aspects of the contract to try to play Golden Shield. The front of the contract seems to say “pick any printed 1 cost attachment”. To that, I say I want Golden Shield because my Hero is Eowyn and she is Rohan, you say you want Nor Am I A Stranger to make Glorfindel Rohan. The back of the contract seems to say “the first non-unique card played each planning phase doesn’t require a resource match”. That is where I was saying that Golden Shield can’t be played, because it is unique. Unless you throw in Songs of Tactics, Lore, or Leadership (or possibly other cards), you don’t seem to have a way to play off-sphere unique cards.

Nov 29, 2019 Raiderjakk 39

Ah! I didn't know that was the card you were picking. I misread that. Thanks!

Nov 30, 2019 Wandalf the Gizzard 1245

Really neat deck! If you do end up finding that you have an overdose of readying, I'd strongly suggest adding more allies. You can never have too many, and you're a little low as-is.