It's Raining Dunedain

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Win - The Mûmakil - 3 Player - 2020-07-30
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TritonWreck 143

This is a Dunedain Trap deck that wants to:

  • Play Dunedain enemies for cheap or free using [The Gathering Storm](/card/21007), [Heir of Valandil](/card/09010), or [A Very Good Tale](/card/131014).
  • Be engaged with enemies with traps ([Entangling Nets](/card/12064) or [Forest Snare](/card/01069)).
  • Contibute lots of willpower with [Sword that was Broken](/card/04055).

The Deck
I wanted to build a Dunedain deck for Con of the Rings 2019 since we were playing through the Angmar Awakens cycle. Amarthiúl is a great hero for a Dunedain deck but he is an objective ally in some of these quests. So I decided on a Dunedain trap deck using Aragorn and Halbarad instead, which also has its benefits (like action advantage).

This deck makes use of the newer card The Gathering Storm. One of the most fun combos in the deck is playing Gathering Storm to put into play Son of Arnor, then engage the new enemy and put a Forest Snare on it to draw a card and get the Dunedain engine going (with Halbarad and Heir of Valandil). Or you can play The Gathering Storm while you have a trap waiting in the staging area. Sneak attack Gandalf is here as well but sneaking a Sarn Ford Sentry into play can also draw you some cards. Entangling Nets is also a great card to put on enemies and then keep them engaged with you since they will be attacking for a lot less.

Look for a trap in your opening hand so you can start engaging weakened enemies with nets or snare them later. Once you get some more allies into play (hopefully cheap with Heir of Valandil), try to find Sword that was Broken for some serious questing power. Another way to get allies into play is with A Very Good Tale. You can use Gandalf at the end of the round with it or the Ranger of Cardolan, even if you use his ability to sneak him in since he will hang around until the end of the round (a trick I learned from someone at Con of the Rings). There is a good amount of card draw in the deck but I still added Deep Knowledge because I thought the deck sometimes needed a kick-start (although Heed the Dream may be a better option).

I've been playing this deck against the quests from the Harad cycle and it's been really fun, especially against the Mumakil quest. Give it a try. (But look out for the Terrible Fever. Aragorn caught it every time I played, which is why I eventually added Ioreth)


Dec 24, 2019 Watcher in the Water 14

If you were just building this for your own play would you use Amarthiul instead? It seems like he'd be good if only for access to Followed as well as things like Feint for enemies that happen to get by your traps.

Dec 26, 2019 TritonWreck 143

@Watcher in the WaterAmarthiúl is a great hero and could create a different version of this deck that would play well. Although I may have to make up for some willpower loss and I’ve been liking Halbarad’s ability to stay ready. Also I wouldn’t know which cards to cut to add in other tactics cards and Armored Destrier, which is a must add with Amarthiúl.