Dwarf Rules, Thorin age / Hobbit Saga

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Thematic dwarf deck, using only dwarves allies and Gandalf and cards up to dwarrofelf cycle + Hobbit Saga

We have to focus our firts turns in having 5 dwarves in play so we'll get the buffs of Ori and Thorin Oakenshield or allies like Dwalin, Bifur or Glóin, to get this Kili and Fili are our best goal. Dáin Ironfoot will always be alert, so we'll get the buff for all our dwarves, and

All attachments will go to Thorin Oakenshield who will quest and attack using Unexpected Courage.

All events and attachment are also dwarf thematic, King Under the Mountain it's an amazing drawing card machine, Narvi's Belt will give us all resources we need in each moment since 2 of our heroes are from . Lure of Moria, To me! O my kinsfolk! and Durin's Song are cards very flexible which give us a surprise effect to kill engaged enemies.

With this deck I've completed all dwarrowdelf cycle + Khazad Dum and all Hobbit Saga, on the doorstep and Over Hill and Under Hill.