Front Lines

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Meneldor the Phoenix
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The Purple Wizard 719

Deck 1 in the Meneldor the Phoenix fellowship.

Your goal here is to defend and engage as many enemies as you can, all without using your heroes. Mablung and Prince Imrahil always quest, while Aragorn may stay back if you are already questing just fine, have a Foe-hammer in hand, and/or know you want to engage an enemy already in the staging area.

The rest of the deck is pretty straightforward and fun. Most of the allies there are to be grabbed via Prince Imrahil, whose ability you should plan to use each round. There's a lot of sentinel in the deck to help you protect the other decks. You don't need to worry about killing anything unless you need to play a Foe-hammer as Legolas will be trying to destroy everything in sight.

~Play Meneldor and Honour Guard when they show up in your hand. They're also good choices to grab when Gather Information is cleared.

~Westfold Outrider can be triggered in the quest phase, both giving you a resource and helping with the quest.

~Grappling Hook is for Gimli.

~Rivendell Bow is for Aragorn.