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Adaepholn 29

A Hobbit deck built using cards from the first 2 cycles, HoN, EaAD, TMV and the first 4 LotR saga boxes.

This deck was built for two-handed play, see the Fellowship for the other deck.

This deck mainly handled the questing and threat reduction. Frodo and Sam quested most rounds, then Fatty could defend in an emergency or use his ability.

I tried to get Song of Kings on Frodo, then he would get Steward of Gondor. Shadow of the Past and A A Watchful Peace are to enable Small Target, but can also be used to aid questing.

I don't think I used Hobbit-sense very much but it's helpful in an emergency to avoid losing a hero.

Combat is a weakness of the deck, I rely on the expensive allies to do most of the attacking. Hobbit Cloak is for Bilbo in the other deck and then any drawn later can go on Fatty. Arwen usually uses her boost on Bilbo as well, as he is built up to be a super defender. Staff of Lebethron can go on Bilbo if he doesn't have A Burning Brand yet, or can go on Fatty.

For A Shadow of the Past I replaced Frodo Baggins with Dúnhere and Éowyn in 2 separate attempts, I took out Small Target and Hobbit-sense and replaced them with an Errand-rider, 2 Dúnedain Marks and 1 Frodo's Intuition for the Dunhere attempt, but then swapped the Marks for 2 more Errand-riders.

I didn't really like this deck much, but I will probably revisit an all Hobbit fellowship with a larger collection. For results see the Fellowship description.

Any feedback is welcome!