Blue Cheese

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javajeffery 52

javajeffery has a newer deck inspired by this one: Blue Cheese

A common Noldor questing build.

Galadriel and her toolkit, Glorfindel and his toolkit, and Beregond to defend them.

Nothing particularly difficult or interesting about the deck it can spam and ideally with Beregond defending every round and Galadriel using her ability every round your threat goes in reverse.

Mulligan strategy Since we are trying to keep threat down Light of Valinor is highly desired. 1 or 2 of our questing allies would also be good. 1 or both of the Silver Harp, Mirror of Galadriel combo both is insane. Rider of the Mark with spirit on both sides of the table this is powerful shadow control.

The perfect hand might look something like Arwen Undómiel, Silver Harp, Mirror of Galadriel, Galadriel's Handmaiden, Unexpected Courage, Rider of the Mark.

General Strategy This is not a difficult deck to pilot. We are going to try to use the ability of both Galadriel's and Beregond's as much as possible to keep our threat low. Pump out high allies to move as quickly as possible through the quest stages.

This is not a single player build I've paired this with my Faramir's Staging Assault deck in my Janky Fun fellowship.