Middle-Earth Arcade: Bubble Bobble

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GrandSpleen 1011

Holy crap, it’s another installment of the Middle-Earth Arcade. This time our game of the moment is Bubble Bobble, a truly timeless classic in which the bubble dragons Bub and Bob embark on a quest to save their beloveds from the nefarious Grumple Grommit (I mean, uh, Drunk)?

Bubble Bobble is a game in which you encase enemies in bubbles and then pop the ever-loving daylight out of them, turning them into fruits (?????).

Which card are we rehabilitating today?

The premise of this deck is to use Lothíriel to get Faramir into play. Yes, THAT Faramir. He deals 2 or 4 damage to an enemy in the staging area for a huge cost. But first, you have to get it into a “bubble.”

Your traps are of course your “bubbles,” but a few key Guarded attachments in the deck (hopefully landing on enemies) also set up some bubble bursting action.

Cards that help enemies stay in the staging area: Robin Smallburrow, Ranger Spikes, and Guardian of Ithilien.

Long Lake Fisherman helps fish out Faramir (but the only other target with cost 4 is Prince Imrahil).

Other allies were chosen for cost to stats ratio with a focus on willpower.

Heed the Dreamwith Denethor also gets Faramir from anywhere in the deck. With a Steward of Gondor on Denethor, you can repeat this any round of the game as soon as you draw Heed the Dream. Unneeded leadership resources can be passed to either of the other heroes.

Forest Patrol is your Bubble Bobble lightning bolt. Pop it off for extra damage power on a trapped enemy.

As with like 95% of my decks, I expect to be played with a minimum of 2 players, so it’s not gonna hold up in true solo.


Jun 25, 2020 Christian_Medic 497

This is great and I totally see it!

Jun 25, 2020 doomguard 175

and what a partnerdeck is best for it?

Jun 25, 2020 GrandSpleen 1011

I didn’t have a particular companion deck in mind. This one covers each of the bases a little (willpower, attack, defense, healing), but would suffer more in the combat department, despite being a gimmicky direct damage deck. So, A good companion deck would be something that can quest a little but also hit hard during combat.

But hey, if you just want to get into the arcade theme, why not pair it with another from my arcade series? BREAKOUT ringsdb.com or RAMPAGE ringsdb.com ought to be good for a hoot!