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Journey Along the Anduin - 1 Player - 2020-08-16
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Shep 211

Aim of the deck : Generate a lot of resources to play strong allies and control the board

The early-game secrecy allows you to take your time setup the board.

The One Ring comes with Well Preserved to heal permanently Gloin.

Gloin stats the game with Ring of Barahir thanks to The Grey Wanderer.

The first card played each game is Well Preserved : Gloin has 7HP from T1 and can be fully healed at the beginning of each turn!

The Secrecy allows you to choose which ennemy to engage and then gain resources with gloin. Timely Aid put strong allies into play. Some Artifacts rise the total HP of Gloin up to a maximum of 11 HP.

Heed the Dream allows to play the one-copy important cards in the deck (Song of Wisdom to play Firyal if it was drawn, A Burning Brand for scenarios in which shadow effets can kill Gloin or Sneak for Gandalf and vice-versa...

Some rarely seen allies are fully playable with this deck : Dwarven Sellsword, Knight of the White Tower, Messenger Raven, Denethor.

This deck has two main weaknesses :

  • No ennemy in early-game may result to a location stack in the Staging Area.
  • No treachery cancel, except Firyal.

Very fun deck to play!


Jul 31, 2020 Seastan 26376

Cool deck. Narvi's Belt might help with the sphere smoothing, and possibly let you run a larger number of non-leadership cards.

Jul 31, 2020 Shep 211

@SeastanYou're absolutely right, I could replace the song on Wisdom by Narvi's Belt as I need the song only during the Planning Phase. It could also helps me playing more non-leadership cards, such as more powerful allies. What a pity Narvi's belt is not an artifact!

I don't think to play it because I could be tempted to rely on it but I don't want to depend on it. I definitely have to think about it!

Thanks for your comment !

Jul 31, 2020 Alonewolf87 593

You can also consider adding Captain's Wisdom to further use the Contract effect and push even more the resource generation. I would still consider adding a copy or two of Ioreth in order to have some healing which does not cost some extra threat. All in all great deck, kudos!

Jul 31, 2020 doomguard 337

i see average carddraw. think the deck will loose ist steam very soon, if it do not draw gandalf soon.

perhaps adding some keen as Lances or Wealth of lorien with this much Money even the tome of atanar could make sense using it for Sneak attack or timely aid.

Jul 31, 2020 AlasForCeleborn 237

Why so many 1-of's? If you're scared of drawing duplicates, Erestor's great for that, turning any dupes you draw into another card.

Also, if, like @doomguard advised, you want more card draw, a combo I've discovered that is stupidly good with Glóin is In Service of the Steward + Rod of the Steward. Now not only can you play anything you draw with Glóin's absurd resource generation, you can also draw those things in the first place with the same.

Aug 03, 2020 Shep 211

@Alonewolf87Great idea, especially for the very first turns! I'll clearly think about it!

@doomguardEven if this deck seems to lack of card draw, it doesn't need more. First of all this deck is virtually a 44 cards deck. The contract allows me to put in play 1 card during setup. The One Ring also enters play during setup and allows me to add a Master card il my hand. That's 3 cards that are never in the deck at the beggining of T1 (or in my hand in the worst case). We are not idle doesn't really use a slot in the deck because it's free an I may draw a card.

Among the 44 remaining cards, I have Timely Aid which "draws" a card, Heed the Dream which "draw" two cards (I have a lot of money to spend), Gandalf, Gleowyn and Eresor. Eight very strong drawing cards. I have never experienced issues in drawing so far.

Tom of Atanatar is a good idea anyway to reuse some events! Thanks!

`@AlasForCeleborn As I'm playing the Angmar awakening cycle with this deck, I don't want to loose all my allies with the treachery that discards all cards in play if there are any copies of these cards in my discard pile!