Rescue the Villagers Mini-game (2020 Land of Sorrow)

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"Won in One" Land of Sorrow 2-Player Fellowship
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GrandSpleen 1108

SPOILERS for Land of Sorrow scenario are in this deck description.

This is a tweaking of a deck I made several years ago, optimized for Land of Sorrow. The deck doesn't like to do attacks, but it will handle one Warden on stage 2 of the quest, via Éowyn with Thorongil (Prince of Dol Amroth is a proxy for that card). Beregond provides defense for both decks and is your target for Unexpected Courage. His defenses get decided based on his defense value as well as which player needs threat reduction.

Other than that, it's a willpower deck and you should expect to commit all characters with willpower to the quest each round. It expects to 1) play some allies from hand, 2) discard many allies to fuel Arwen Undómiel, Éowyn, and most importantly Zigil Miner, and 3) to use Stand and Fight to grab allies from the discard pile. Map of Earnil or Dwarven Tomb can recur Stand and Fight or another high priority event (in this case, it's likely that Elrond's Counsel will be a priority).

Card draw comes from Elven-light and from setting up the deck via Imladris Stargazer and then milling through it with Zigil Miner to get to desired cards faster.

Stand and Fight can also be used to grab a Warden of Healing out of the partner deck's discard pile at need. Song of Eärendil evens out the threat between both decks (this deck will absorb some threat for the other deck). Song of Wisdom goes to the partner deck.

The main difference between this deck and the older version of it is removal of Ancient Mathom (Camp locations are immune to player card effects, making this card just that much harder to land), adding some more threat reduction/control, and adding Thorongil.

After my win, in hindsight the deck could have done with even more threat reduction. The Galadhrim's Greeting is a good idea.