You Fight Like A GIRL

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I Am No MAN!
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ohuerc 384

Messenger of the King Rosie Cotton is literally the only female leadership hero. AND what's more, these three heroes are the only female leadership OR tactics heroes of ANY KIND. This deck is a little bit stupid.

But what do girls do when they get in combat? they feint :D

Starting threat here is so low that I added a Secrecy subtheme, even though I will need some help getting below 20. Resourceful is nice with Tactics being so expensive, and Timely Aid can help bring in the Giant Bears.

Something to consider: Faramir for boosting the Scout deck. Not included, because really I don't think it'll be needed, and purple resources are definitely at a premium here. Other things to consider: Mighty Warrior and a second Raiment of War for Éowyn? Golden Belts and more Restricted stuff? None of that seems necessary, when the allies should take over after a turn or two - I just need one or two weapons for Foe-hammer.