I Think I'm Dún Here.

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Staging area attack is cool, but I've always found it tricky to really make Dúnhere work. Háma, on the other hand, makes a fantastic surrogate.

The goal is to get a Dúnedain Cache on Háma, a Hands Upon the Bow in hand, and a second one in your discard. Play one Hands Upon the Bow, declare an attack with Hama, and use his ability to pull the second Hands Upon the Bow back out. Repeat as desired.

Advantages Hama has over Dunhere are three-fold. First, he has much more utility when not attacking into the staging area. In particular, Háma answers the question "what do I do against enemies that make it out of the staging area?" (Feint. The answer is Feint.)

Second, one of the challenges of staging area attack is pumping a character's attack high enough to make a difference, since he's always going to be attacking alone. Háma gets you a natural sphere match for the best weapons. Also, Hands Upon the Bow can give you extra bites of the apple; if you don't have enough attack to kill a goon in one shot, it can let you take multiple attacks a round against the same enemy.

Third, Dúnhere's ability is a normal attack, which means it occurs in combat (i.e. after engagement). Dúnhere decks must therefore devote space to keeping their threat down, and they sometimes struggle in multiplayer where the enemies will just engage someone else, instead. Hands Upon the Bow, however, is not a combat action- it can (and should) be played during the quest phase, after staging but before enemies have a chance to engage.

(You could always use Quick Strike with Dúnhere to achieve the same effect, but that's not self-sustaining: you'd need an enemy to engage you still so Háma could attack and pull back the Quick Strike, which means you'd still need a way to deal with the engaged enemy. Háma + Hands Upon the Bow is infinitely repeatable, provided you have enough cards in hand and/or Silver Harps).

The deck has attack boosters, (Dúnedain Mark, and I've opted for Spear of the Mark over Dagger of Westernesse since I'm not devoting any deck space to threat management. Unseen Strike is included to deal with enemies who have a higher engagement cost, anyway.)

It has readying effects, (Unexpected Courage and Spare Hood and Cloak), as well as resource acceleration and draw. It has a pair of Gondorian Shields for Denethor to help get you through the first couple rounds of setup.

Typically, the Steward of Gondor is going to go on Galadriel to fund all those Elven-lights. Errand-riders are in to steal some excess Spirit resources back into Leadership or Tactics, when necessary.

This deck can't quest. Like... at all. There just isn't enough deck space in 50 cards to handle everything else after Staging Area Attack is covered. Partner up with a deck that can.


Jun 24, 2016 Durins_Son 35

As a Dúnhere fan I really like this deck, Háma has way more options than Dúnhere. Definitely going to give this deck a go next time I play. Good job!

Jun 24, 2016 Sechen 130

I love it! Just tried it in Flight against the Stormcaller with a questing deck, and Hama casually picked pff every ship as it came off the deck. I swapped out Captain's Wisdom for Gaining Strength though, it felt like Hama was the main guy who actually needed resources, and he's the one hero who isn't a noble.

Jun 24, 2016 dragonwarriorfan 568

I really like this idea. I've been using a similar deck with Bard the Bowman and Great Yew Bow - Cirdan for questing and spirit Merry to keep threat down. I think I can borrow some pieces from your build to enhance the efficiency though.