Silvan Lord of Morthond

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MrSpaceBear 975

This fairly well-rounded deck can handle questing, defense, and combat.

This hero line up allows some of the only cards to be utilized. The key card is Lord of Morthond. Using Thranduil's ability, this can allow you to draw an extra card each time that you play one of the , , or allies. Normally, this would be limited to one card per turn; however, Host of Galadhrim turns into a card that allows a huge amount of card draw (since each of the non- allies that are in play will be played again) as well as capitalizing on all of the "enters play" effects and the Celeborn stat boost.

Reinforcements is a very fun card with Gandalf as well as some of the Silvan allies. Sneak Attack is also flexible in the deck. Finally, Strength of Arms is one of the most fun cards out there. When used to ready a host of Silvans (in addition to whatever allies other decks have), it can be extremely powerful.


Dec 08, 2020 The Purple Wizard 1151

One of my favorite deck is a mono leadership Silvan deck, so I'm a fan of this. I love the Lord of Morthond play here! I'm curious about Elf Guide...does it pull its weight? I've never used it much and figured it was a card for tri-sphere decks. What do you like about it here?

Dec 09, 2020 Vargas79 2

What a wonderful deck. I’ll try this at some point.

Dec 09, 2020 doomguard 1963

i am not this overwhelmed. you can only play an ally once per round with thranduils action. thats not enough in my opinion. and there are too many not leadershipallies for that. how many rounds do u want to play? with only 5 ld-allies you get an average of lets say 1,5 silvanallies into play. yes carddraw is good, but does not help if you cant play those. would at least put in some songs of wisdom and treefolk, then the green can be played additionally (with carddraw) and treefolk get you additional allies.

Dec 09, 2020 MrSpaceBear 975

@The Purple WizardI only have one copy of Elf Guide in here, but I like it for "emergency situations." The deck can typically spend most of its resources in the planning phase, so holding Elf Guide can allow for a timely Sneak Attack ally. It can also help in the event that Reinforcements is needed vs Strength of Arms.

Dec 09, 2020 MrSpaceBear 975

@doomguard, keep in mind that Host of Galadhrim can be used in some very unique ways to take advantage of Lord of Morthund. Let me lay out a sample schenario.

Turn 2 after having played Steward and saving a resource on turn 1: Gain 3 resources for heroes, 2 from Steward of Gondor and 2 from Captain's Wisdom. This leaves us with 8.

Pay 3 resources for Reinforcements. Put a Galadriel's Handmaiden and Galadhrim Minstrel into play.

Pay 1 resource for Sneak Attack to put Woodland Courier into play.

Pay 4 resources for Host of Galadhrim to replay everything.

We have spent 8 resources, but we get all of the "enters play" effects twice. The allies will also stay in play through the end of the phase since they are new instances of the allies brought in by the first two events. So in total, we should be able to draw 5 cards, put 2 progress on locations, reduce someone's threat by 2, and we have 7 extra this turn (thanks to Celeborn) with 4 going into future rounds.

Dec 09, 2020 doomguard 1963

this is a "choose-your-cards"- not draw your cards szenario. in this way, many combos can work fantastic with a probability of about 10%.....

and for 8 res and 7 chosen cards, this is not impressive (with timely aid/sneack attack/reinforcements and good tale could be make something more that last longer not only 4 for the future, or what could an outlanddeck do with 8 res and chosen cards.....)

these "chosen" moments are nice for theocrafting, but not for practical playing (imo ofc)

the base-idea is not bad, but to make it practical i would made my noted changes. (btw. in your glorious example you did not use thranduils ability. you can have that better with celeborn and denethor 2 more res to make thing happen, just saying... but the example is so or so very constructed ;) )

Dec 10, 2020 WanderingTook 1368

This looks like a lot of fun! I've been looking at Host of Galadhrim but haven't used it to great effect yet. The janky Lord of Morthrond include makes this really appealing. Thanks for sharing!

Dec 10, 2020 GreenWizard 310

Looks good. Tried this deck out today. But made the mistake of playing against a direct damage and discarding attachment quest. And ended up losing several Silvan allies to direct damage. ;) But anyway, it's fun and card draw is good with Lord of Morthond. I think it's a fun deck overall.

Dec 10, 2020 GreenWizard 310

@WanderingTook Host of Galadhrim is great in this deck. You can use all of the Silvan's abilities several times throughout the game, instead of the one time they enter play.

Jan 08, 2021 Emilius 24

Congratulations, great deck!