Battle at the Lake Town - progression solo with 1 CS

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czyn 192

czyn has a newer deck inspired by this one: Progression Solo: Battle at the Lake Town 2

With this deck I managed to beat this terribly difficult scenario for solo game (especially when you play with progression style, this pack was released after first Hobbit saga box). I needed 9 attempts, and failed ones ended up quite quickly (first 2-3 rounds).

What is important? You can't loose attachments in this scenario (at least one facilitation).

What is best to have in starting hand? Vilya! This is must have. Buy it at first round and use is in each round. This may be done in any action window but best to use it on planning phase or just on the beginning of quest phase. Beside the Vilya it's good to have at least one of these (in order of priority):

If you have a Sneak Attack and Gandalf try to lover your thread as early as possible to under 30. It will allow you to put Smaug (regardless of the revealed version) into the staging without a need to defend from him. 2-3 rounds of such relieve is crucial to build a bench (with Elrond's help).

Give all defending attachments to Dain. At some moment when he will have 5-6 defend and you will have Warden of Healing on table, he will be able to defend each round.

Unexpected Courage and CelebrĂ­an's Stone should go to Gimli to allow him questing with 5 (+1 from Dain) and attacking in later rounds. It is crucial to have also Citadel Plate at Gimli. With it try to defend once or twice and take some damage (as much as possible but not more then 7) from Smaug. It will boost your attack significantly.

Do not put more then one ally with 1 hp on table (especially Warden of Healing). This scenario often deals 1 damage to each character and you need to have at least 1 Warden of Healing on table as long as possible to heal damage from Dain.

There is one nasty card which forced you to discard the same number of cards from your deck as the damage on the Lake Town. It may hurt and The End Comes should allow you to shuffle discard pile after this back to your deck.

Try to use Master of the Forge to look for attachments rather then for sacrificing for Smaug just after playing him.

That's pretty much it! Let me know in the comments if you will try this deck. And have a fun!


Jan 02, 2021 bobbymcbobface 124

Just wanted to point out, The End Comes allows you to shuffle the encounter discard into the encounter deck, not your discard pile into your deck. Perhaps you want to use Will of the West?

Jan 11, 2021 czyn 192

Ah, that's right. Thanks for this comment. I had to missread The End Comes but Will of West is exactly what I wanted to have.