Bond of Brothers

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TheMisFitMan 94

Start the game with two resources on Thorin and an additional resource icon () on Óin thanks to Bombur, who lets your four heroes count as five dwarves. Narvi's Belt would be a good card to mulligan for.

Play Narvi's Belt and a copy of Unexpected Courage on Thorin. The second copy could be attached to Bombur or Thalin. Distribute your axes among these two heroes and/or the Erebor Battle Master. Thalin could easily be exchanged with Thorin Stonehelm for more attack power.

Bombur is your primary defender with Dúnedain Warning, a Dwarven Shield or Ring Mail and A Burning Brand attached.

High threat could be a problem here, especially in multiplayer. You may like to exchange Óin for Nori, replacing his ally version with a second Erebor Battle Master for example.


Jan 14, 2021 nelloianiro 200

I like how you didn't go over 40 . I feel like instead of Óin, you could of used Nori. His effect really helps with reduction. With 20 dwarves this really works. Or at least add a The Galadhrim's Greeting. Take out A Test of Will.

Jan 14, 2021 doomguard 459

consider instead of Open the Armory Well-Equipped

Jan 15, 2021 TheMisFitMan 94

@nelloianiro: That‘s what I thought about Nori, too! With Óin I like to have the opportunity to either play Ring Mail or Dwarven Shield on Bombur round one (maybe even both thanks to two and two resources each round) to make him a viable defender from the beginning. I have to make some more tests for both versions (either Nori or Óin as starting hero).

@doomguard: Well-Equipped is definitely a very good proposition! I just wanted to make sure, that I can find some armor for Bombur really soon, therefore Open the Armory. I feared that with Well-Equipped I would loose some unique allies but it‘s maybe worth it.