Hobbits Across Rhovanion.

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rockete 20

Hello, I have decided to publish the deck with which I have passed the Rhovanion deluxe box and the Ered Mithrin cycle. The deck has worked very well, with Bilbo Baggins , Stone of Elostirion and Prepare for Battle you have a guaranteed draw engine. The goal is to make Bilbo a super defender with The One Ring and Inner Strength and unafraid of shadow cards. Meanwhile you can build your army by reducing your threat with Gandalf, The Shirefolk and The Galadhrim's Greeting. Once you have played your two shirefolk you can make Thalion hero by completing your third side quest, but this is not essential. Sword-thain is for Rosie Cotton as well as Stone of Elostirion if possible, if not for Sam. Otherwise it is easy to play and in addition to this cycle I have used it in other adventures with good results. He may have a hard time defending big attacks early on, but in that case you can use Frodo as the attack recipient at the cost of increasing the threat.


Feb 21, 2021 Truck 387

Card draw is no problem!