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kazzgrum 1

Hey, Very new to the game and am playing around with a harad deck. Let me know what you think!


Feb 22, 2021 GreenWizard 56

Cool. I have a similar deck. ringsdb.com

Feb 22, 2021 kazzgrum 1

lol, Your deck is actually what inspired this one so, I should ask, is there anything you wish you could add? I am playing with a digital resource right now so packs aren't an issue, I'm just getting a feel for what's possible while using harad.

Feb 22, 2021 GreenWizard 56

Yeah, Thalion is a great add. I would probably throw in at least 2 Narya's. And maybe a Light of Valinor or two. Elven-light would be good with Círdan the Shipwright's discard but you could only discard it the round you draw it. So Protector of Lórien could help discard Elven-light for card draw. I would also add Will of the West to reset your deck from Círdan the Shipwright's discard (It might not be needed depending on the quest you play against, but it doesn't hurt to add one, just in case).

What to add (In my opinion):

+2 Narya

+2 Light of Valinor

+2 Elven-light

+2 Protector of Lórien

+1 Will of the West

What to drop:

-3 Dunedain Pathfinder

-1 Kahliel's Headdress

-2 Haradrim Spear

-1 Errand-rider

-1 Kahliel’s Tribesman

-1 Unexpected Courage

Feb 22, 2021 kazzgrum 1

Interesting, I really like the addition of Will of the West. Great call on the elven-lights as well. I feel like I'm discarding enough to keep a tribesman for a protector of lorien, but I really appreciate these additions. Any reason to keep the 2nd narya, if I've already attached the first or is just an easy discard at that point?

Feb 22, 2021 GreenWizard 56

I would never just discard cards from my hand unless it had a purpose, such as boosting a hero with Protector of Lórien, Elven-light, Glorfindel, Lords of the Eldar, etc. Also in some quests they will make you discard attachments so keeping a spare Narya around in case of a discarded Narya would be a good idea.