Hobbit Rangers!

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radAGHAST 416

This deck is exactly what it sounds like: hobbits sneaking up on bad guys and locking them in traps. The two are natural fits. Traps are most effective when enemies can remain in the staging area, and these hobbits are pros at managing when enemies leave the staging area.

In this deck, Bilbo Baggins operates as the primary defender (once A Burning Brand and Hobbit Cloak have been attached) and Sam Gamgee and Pippin primarily quest. Allies like Gimli and Anborn are left to do the lion's share of the attacking.

Although the deck works best when engagement is relatively minimal, the heroes do reap benefits from it occurring, and players should engage enemies thoughtfully. Ithilien Archer fuels this engagement facet (and facilitates the entrapment of foes) by consistently kicking enemies back to the staging area.

Gandalf's main function is to reduce threat, though his direct damage is also a boon in a deck that has a limiting killing capacity. Between Bilbo Baggins, Pippin, Daeron's Runes, and Peace, and Thought, card draw will be amply, perhaps excessively, covered.

First choice for Steward of Gondor should be Pippin, as Lore is in much higher demand and Bilbo Baggins may be more susceptible to losing attachments from shadow effects. Bilbo Baggins, though, should be the first choice for Fast Hitch as he is the lead defender.

This deck's primary weaknesses are attack power, a moderate deficiency, and willpower, a more noticeable dearth. It works around the latter challenge with Ithilien Tracker and Ranger Spikes, which reduce staging area threat. Despite one of its main weaknesses being a lack of attack strength, in my experience this deck saunters through enemy-laden quests, like Journey Along the Anduin or The Breaking of the Fellowship.

How it exists here is how I prefer to play the deck, but I have added some cards into the sideboard that shore up the primary weaknesses (those being the deck's reliance on attachments, its lack of killing power and its limited willpower). Though fun to have, it certainly does not need as much card draw as it has.

Have fun, and be sure to share improvements you make to it!