Dwarf Swarm Hobbit Heroes

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frozen 85

This deck is kind of a mix between a dwarf Swarm deck and a mining deck. The heroes mean that you start with four dwarves, so obviously the best opening draw is Erebor Record Keeper, bonus points if you get Dwalin too. Card draw provided by Legacy of Durin and King Under the Mountain, but if you find that you need more, you can swap Ori in. Takes one round longer to get to 5 dwarves but that's usually not a problem. Obviously A Very Good Tale is important here, as without Dain's global buffs each dwarf is relatively weak on their own, but especially with Hardy Leadership it's pretty common to have a dozen dwarf allies or more out at a time, so it does add up. Dain would probably be better but I was trying to be a little more thematic.

As for the side board... Not convinced on Ered Nimrais Prospector so you can use Zigil Miner, or Longbeard Map-Maker but it feels like an expensive swap. A Burning Brand can be good if you are using Bombur, he can handle some repeated defending. Also I keep Ever My Heart Rises since it's my favorite card and worth teching in for certain quests, same, I feel, for Ancestral Knowledge.

Feedback welcome!