Defenders of Annuminas

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Relmbob 45

This deck is intended for 4-player at Gen Con in the Siege of Annuminas quest. The goals are to engage enemies, play Gandalf many times, and readying.

This deck will do best if the quest stage uses the siege keyword to use defense instead of willpower. In the epic multiplayer mode, it sounds like each team of 4 will only need to play a single stage. So hopefully one stage uses siege.

Again, with a single quest stage, we should be more likely to use the side quests.

The best pairing with this deck would be a ranged deck to attack the enemies that this deck engages. Otherwise, sneak attacking Beorn and using his action for 8 attack is the best way to get rid of an enemy. This deck will also pair well with an ally swarm deck for Strength of Arms.

Path of Need will work very well if we are defending a location like Helm's Deep. But I think it's still worth playing if it only lasts for one round.

Legacy of Númenor is best early game to get quick resources. The higher threat can be countered later when Gandalf enters play.

Mulligan and side quest for Gandalf and Sneak Attack. Later, use Tome of Atanatar to sneak attack again. Use Second Breakfast to retrieve a Tome or Path of Need.

Steward of Gondor and Gondorian Shield go on Amarthiúl so that he gets +2 defense.

Reinforcements is a double sneak attack, for Gandalf along with Beorn or any big ally that another player has in hand.

Let me know if you have any feedback to improve the deck.


Jul 22, 2016 emorlecallor 912

If you are trying to engage enemies, why not put a copy or two of Heir of Valandil in the deck, seeing as you have a fair few Dunedain in the deck?

Nice deck, I like it.

Jul 22, 2016 Relmbob 45

@emorlecallorI had Heir of Valandil in the deck initially but then I realized that I only have 7 Dunedain allies. I think that it would be a good alternate if one of the other players relies heavily on Steward of Gondor.

Thanks for the feedback.

Jul 25, 2016 bzgaming 66

Interesting... for a mono-leadership deck with Reinforcements, Sneak Attack, and Strength of Arms, I'm surprised to not see...

1) More allies
2) A Very Good Tale

Not an insult... just threw me off. Have you tested it much?

Jul 25, 2016 Relmbob 45

@bzgaming I have a hard time cutting any of the attachments or events. I think that in 4p games there will be enough other allies to make good use of Strength of Arms and Reinforcements.

I haven't tested the deck 4p though. I might throw more allies in the sideboard, and I'll try to play a few 4p games at Gen Con before my event Saturday night.

Thanks for the feedback.

Jul 25, 2016 bzgaming 66

@Relmbob I agree. The real power of Strength of Arms really shows up in multiplayer anyway, so let the others pile on the allies! :) Keep us updated on how the deck does at Gen Con!