Sorry Treebeard, We're Being Hasty Today

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Uruk-guy 292

So far, this deck is amazing. Could probably be optimized a bit better, though. It gets off to a quick start right off the bat. My initial thought was finding a BoF deck with really low starting threat that wasn't a hobbit deck. I just filled in the rest after I found my heroes.

The main idea is getting set up quickly. First, you use Gather Information as your setup side quest with Thurindir's action. There is more than enough questing power to get through most stage one scenarios the first turn, maybe two. This enables you to fetch Light of Valinor. Your threat can stay low after that. Before you even know it you have three heroes with 3+ turn one, one of which doesn't exhaust to quest.

Glorfindel does Glorfy things with Light of Valinor, Asfaloth, and Rivendell Blade.

A setback of BoF is acceleration. Denethor is a huge help here and serves as a stout defender. Obviously he only gets better with Gondorian Shield and Armored Destrier. Warden of Healing keeps his beating.

Éowyn. The poster child of acceleration in terms of questing and attacking.

The rest sort of turned into an Ent deck by accident. Treebeard can be played turn one. You can play pretty much any other Ent every round afterwards. I've never actually used Ents before - and I ended up being really pumped about them afterwards!

A special include was Proud Hunters, basically just because in could. It could probably turn into Feint or another Ent if needed. I thought about The Free Peoples, but I'm just not a huge fan. I could be tempted into trying it though.

Suggestions are welcome!