Widfast the New Burglar on the Block

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Win - Encounter at Amon Dîn - 3 Players - 2021-10-13
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kattattack22 509

Basic idea is to use Widfast's ability to double down on the Burglar's Turn contract. Now instead of 1 loot card you can get two provided you can make enough progress. It's a full Scout line up with Haldan providing some card draw for looting locations. Lanwyn can get bonus willpower or readying from Gavin.

This is a multiplayer deck as it doesn't have a starting dedicated defender. Haldan and Lanwyn provide sufficient attack power for most enemies. Often Lanwyn will be helping the other player(s) because you don't want to engage any if it can be helped. Eventually Deeping Defender, Treebeard, or Jubayr can give you a decent defender. Also there's a couple loot cards that don't have a target in the deck. They're for the other player(s).

One fun thing to do with this deck is swap a location out of the active spot with West Road Traveler then travel to it again for 2 loot cards on it.

Starting Hand

Zigil Miner is typically worth mulliganing for. There's so many 2 cost cards they will usually hit at least 1 for some resource acceleration. Then you're not dependent on Gavin to get a second active location. Also being able to drop multiple questing allies a turn helps ensure can clear 2 locations reliabily.

Deeping Defender or Treebeard are great to have and get at least one safe defense online. Arwen also to boost another player's defender and give them sentinel to defend for you is always solid.


The sideboard listed is the Gavin for Widfast's setup. The rest of the cards are the loot deck.

More copies of Treebeard or Jubayr are options to increase chances of having early defender. Denethor or Treebeard hero instead of Haldan could work as well if really need a defender. If using hero Treebeard then Ents allies could fill in for some of the Lore allies.

Ioreth is always good if more healing is needed in a scenario.

More copies of Scouting Party for burst questing.

As always, The Galadhrim's Greeting and Elrond's Counsel will help with quests with lots of threat raises.

The Dunedain Pathfinders can easily be swapped out for other cards. Often they're not necessary to get more locations into play.

Loot-wise, Gondorian Shield, A Burning Brand, Raiment of War, Ent Draught, Miruvor, or Keen Longbow could all work with characters in the deck.


Oct 14, 2021 doomguard 1001

this upgrades the contract very well

Oct 14, 2021 ff0x 360

Very cool idea to maximize the contract output.