Kin of Secrecy

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frozen 27

This is a secrecy deck I have created just to play all the fun secrecy cards I have with one Core set. This deck is particularly spectacular solo.

Number One priority is getting Nenya on Galadriel so you can play all your cards and quest. Speaking of , make sure every extra resource you get and every Resourceful goes on Galadriel, roughly half the deck is green cards.

Apart from Nenya, other cards you want to mulligan for are Resourceful, Light of Valinor, and Unexpected Courage (goes on Galadriel).

Strategy is somewhat straightforward. Use Galadriel's Active as much as you can spare to keep drawing and lowering your threat. Use cards like Risk Some Light or Henamarth Riversong to scout the encounter deck, before manipulating it in your favor with Celduin Traveler or Ranger Spikes. Sparingly use Courage Awakened for a small boost every turn or a massive boost later (all 3 cards would be 8 for 4 resources).

The deck can handle some very light combat by chump blocking with weak allies and attacking back with Quickbeam and Glorfindel, but you shouldn't need to often because of Spikes and Ithilien Lookout. If you don't need the cards or threat reduction, Gandalf can also help snipe a painful enemy and contribute his great stats (don't forget Galadriel means he gets to quest for free!) Treebeard can be an option in the sideboard in case you need more defending or attack power.


Nov 23, 2021 doomguard 1104

if you add (MotK) Ioreth you have:

  • only +1 startingthread,
  • green res and healing from the start
  • a hero to sacrifice if needed (undef attack or dol guldur or uruk hai)

if you do not want a cheap 3. hero take Strider

Nov 23, 2021 frozen 27

Ioreth is a fantastic suggestion, this deck is definitely short on healing and she's great for the reasons you specify.

Unfortunately I don't own Strider or the Contract, so I cannot make either of these adjustments, but I would urge anyone reading with the ability to use these cards to do so.