Hobbits and Rangers

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kjeld 188

Inspired by Take No Notice.

In your opening hand, look for a decent Hobbit ally like Bilbo Baggins, Robin Smallburrow, or Odo Proudfoot (who can search for Rangers, too, with the contract). It's also good to see Thalion and a Legacy Blade.

I generally grab Gather Information as the first side quest and then search for either of the others depending on quest. You eventually want all three to power up your Legacy Blades, which can boost Haldir of Lórien up to 9 -- enough to one-shot most enemies in the staging area.

There are a lot of one-offs in this deck that can be fished for with all the card draw abilities, especially Drinking Song. It's meant to be a toolbox.

Use The Last Alliance to get Fast Hitch on Haldir of Lórien and then Thurindir, and also to play The Shirefolk.

In general, keep your threat low with Merry and The Shirefolk, snipe enemies in the staging area, and quest through with a variety of allies and a powered-up Thurindir.