Elrond and the Dwarves

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claudinko 1

claudinko has a newer deck inspired by this one: Elrond and the Dwarves

The idea of this deck is to use Elrond and Vilya to play lot of dwarves, powered by Dain. First turn might be tough. With a bit of luck, before the questing phase in the second turn you can already have 3 dwarves ally and a thread of 25. By the time you reach a dangerous thread, you have plenty of allies in play.

I still have to play this deck, it is a work in progress.


Dec 15, 2021 doomguard 1626

i think u can make this deck a lot better

  1. add a motk-hero of 1 or 3 thread (gleowine, galion, ioreth, henemarth)

2 . this much allies are not needed, skip some of the bad ones and add ery good dwarfcards (King Under the Mountain , Hardy Leadership and add Sneak Attack

would discard 3 Veteran of Nanduhirion, 3 Master of the Forge (what do u want with them here? ne dwarf and you hae not much attachements) 3 Longbeard Map-Maker

Dec 16, 2021 claudinko 1

Thanks for the comments, I agree that this deck can be made much better.

I am not playing the motk contract, I will think about it.

Master of the Forge is the only non-dwarf ally and he is used to fetch Vilya. Without Vilya in play, this deck is way too bad, even for Passage through Mirkwood. I would need another way to facilitate the drawing of Vilya, with a dwarf card. What could I do?

The deck is full of allies to be almost sure to hit one with Elrond/Vilya. King Under the Mountain discarding goes against the Elrond/Vilya combo, as it forces me to get a card in my hand that might be played more easily with Elrond/Vilya. Sneak attack is a very good suggestion, I will add it. Hardy Leadership is also pretty good. However, there might be turns where not hitting a playable ally with Elrond/Vilya can be terrible. I could maybe fit in one or two.

Dec 16, 2021 doomguard 1626

vilya an also be used with attachements and events. so, no worry if you hit King Under the Mountain with vilya you can put it into play. the only not-vilya-cards are multiple copies of uniques (steward and vilya itself)

and, i disagree, the deck is also playable if you get vilya late and get the steward early. even in your version (without cheap 3. hero) with steward on elrond, you have 4 res to play each round that is 1-2 dwarfallies nevertheless. and with cheap hero you have 5 res that is 2 allies in most cases and elrond can quest.

the discarding of King Under the Mountain is not bad, you will rarely use your whole deck in a game, so no loss.

and, you will make it heavy more effective for vilya and the king, if you include Imladris Stargazer

instead of 3 master of the forge i would include 1 Gléowine and Legacy of Durin then you should have enough cards.

another option would be Heed the Dream if you only want to fish vilya (in this case with steward on dain, you can pay it for full (whole deck) 2. round)

with king and or A Very Good Tale these two cards make much sense Ered Luin Miner and Hidden Cache, specially the miner you should use nevertheless.

Dec 16, 2021 claudinko 1

I am limiting my deck to the sets I have , therefore Heed the Dream, Ered Luin Miner and Hidden Cache will not find a place in my version of the deck, for now.

Master of the Forge was already an exception to the theme of the deck, but Imladris Stargazer would work beautifully in this deck (and in many others). At least Master and Imladris are Noldor, like Elrond. But Rohan characters will find place in another Rohan deck I am working on.

I will try the deck with King Under the Mountain, and maybe with A Very Good Tale.