Faramir's Rangers

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Sons of Denathor
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Dor-lomin 44

This deck is designed to bleed the enemy using traps, rangers and direct damage whilst also contributing its fair share to questing.. It is made to compliment the Boromir's Vanguard that makes up the other half of the fellowship.

This deck is based on three ideas:

  1. Master of Lore- Traps are steep, as are many of the Ranger allies. However, even one Master of Lore allows for a 3 cost and 1 cost to be played in one turn, which is significant considering all the allies and Forest Snare cost 3 and lots of the events cost 1. By the time you have a couple of Master of Lore down, things get really affordable.

  2. Direct damage- Forest Patrol, Ranger Bow (on Ithilen allies) allow for a good amount of direct damage. Boromir is also packing some Fresh Tracks to add to the fun. This gets real fun when you throw Infighting into the mix, often killing enemies before they get have an impact.

  3. Traps and Shadow of the Past- I don't see much love for Shadow of the Past, but it can play an important role in this deck. Say you have a pretty weak enemy on the top of the encounter discard that you can dispose of with ease with direct damage or (in an ideal world) with some Ranger Spikes leaving it stuck in staging (and giving Faramir a buff). Pop it on the top of the deck and breath easy. Even better, if you have Denathor handy, you can scry the top of the deck, THEN play Shadow of the Past to put a weak enemy on the deck, giving full visibility in a 2 player game whilst guaranteeing the next card you face will be toothless. A little situational, but very satisfying.

  4. Ravenhill Scout seems a little out of place. He is there because he compliments Northern Tracker beautifully in the fight against location lock.