Éowyn, Esquires, and ENTS!

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Win - The Mûmakil - 3 Player - 2020-07-30
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captainace 677

This is a secrecy Ent deck that is really strong at swarming out Ents ASAP. The first Resourceful should go on Pippin to balance the sphere resource spread. The second one can go on Éowyn to help pay for cards or can go on Pippin again if resources are still sparse. Treebeard also helps balance the resource spread while also being able to ready the Ents if needed.

Fast Hitch and Dagger of Westernesse on Merry is great to do major attacks and if Merry can also ready a boosted Booming Ent you can easily attack for double digits. The deck starts with good but can grow into very large numbers once you get your Wellinghall Preserver and Wandering Ents going. Elrond provides versatile effects and Ghân-buri-Ghân can be very good in certain situations (i.e. Gladden Marshlands for 10). One weakness early is but this is remedied by Derndingle Warrior/Treebeard with the healing from Wellinghall Preserver

The deck has lots of draw to get at key cards to start the swarm off strong and get to Treebeard and Resourceful by turn one or two. Éowyn is good with Merry to make good use out of her boost but in some games she isn't needed other than to quest.


Aug 15, 2016 DukeWellington 170

I love the deck. My only question is on Heed the Dream. Without purple it just filters. I feel like it's a good card, but you could probably find better. What would be your first replacement if it was cut?

Aug 15, 2016 serre 78

deep knowledge 3x instead of the head the dreams. more card drawing. and perhaps removing gandalfs with wardens of healings... i do not think you'll need gandalfs with all that entpower :)

Aug 15, 2016 captainace 677

@DukeWellingtonI would probably replace it with Peace and Thought because of Fast Hitch but I do like the ability to use it turn one to find a resourceful.

Aug 15, 2016 captainace 677

@serreI wouldn't want Deep Knowledge because I want card draw that won't put me out of secrecy to early and I wouldn't use Deep Knowledge on turn one-two for that reason. Warden is not super useful because of the Wellinghalls and most quest don't do lots of damage to your heroes if you don't defend with them. Gandalf is good for his versatility and ability to drop threat back into secrecy if needed.

Aug 16, 2016 Aorakis 484

would add ent draught as your heroes are sooooo squishy...

coz bad treacheries will kill them easy.

Aug 16, 2016 DnT 95

I add in Ent Draught and also a couple Elf-stones. They work especially well with the 3+ cost ents and with the questing power from the heroes, it works well. I dropped Elrond.